Open Source Integrators: Integrating Open Source for the Future

Greg Mader, President
Companies today want technology to deliver innovation to help drive business operations and sales through its fast-paced developments. Consequently, they are dedicating substantial investments to make those developments happen, placing greater responsibility on the shoulders of old, new and emerging technology. This converging marketplace is opening opportunities for companies to expand their profitability by supporting a larger range of open source technologies with a focus on the highly robust space of enterprise solutions. In addition, a lot of older technology driving our marketplace are due for replacement, which only goes to show how far the market has changed—this is why open source makes sense. Since it is open and free from the service contract whims of big business, the flexibility it offers drives down the cost of replacement or modification.

Open Source Integrators (OSI), formerly Ursa Information Systems, is a powerhouse in enterprise-grade open source solutions. OSI is gearing up to meet mission-critical business applications by deploying this new brand with a single focus.

President Gregory Mader adds, “We support a larger range of open source technologies and integrate them into a complete platform for enterprise computing.” The realization of a solution beyond a traditional ERP led Ursa to respond to the challenges in the marketplace, spurring the conception of Open Source Integrators. Historically, early clientele sought ERP solutions, which, with the changing landscape, have raised demand for greater functionality. Customers require more add-ons and features, such as CRM, manufacturing, data integration with other systems and e-commerce, all to be incorporated into the existing ERP product, ergo OSI.

As Odoo’s first Gold partner in North America, Open Source Integrators’ position in the open source arena is self-explanatory. OSI is currently working with Strymon, a world leader in manufacturing high-end guitar pedals, to implement an integrated ERP system which will help the company grow in both breadth of products and capacity. They are also collaborating with Strymon to help them launch an e-commerce platform based on OSI’s proprietary technology.

We support a larger range of open source technologies and integrate them into a complete platform for enterprise computing

Prototyping is already underway and, upon launch, Strymon is en route to increasing sales at a scale never before perceived. The process of development of any OS solution OSI follows a methodology that accurately captures customer requirements while also dynamically evolving to integrate more functionality during this process. Using six sigma methodology and operations research, the required function is empirically evaluated before even starting the project and then via open communication with the customer, a consensus on the requirement is reached. Working to model those into the technology platform follows soon after, and a prototype is generated as quickly as possible; it is this comprehensive consultative approach that sets OSI apart in the space. Subsequently, analysis of the final version yields an estimate, and the gaps are filled in and fixed during the development cycle. Upon completing a full assessment of both time to completion and total cost, the numbers are presented to the customer, and only post approval does the company proceed with the development of the actual system. A typical development phase is a few months long, plus a long-term support service is delivered through a custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) tailored to each customer’s unique requirement.

OSI currently works in industries across the nation. From a technology development perspective, Open Source Integrators looks to leverage its open source ERP capability across the operations continuum, such as field service management, business process management, e-commerce, accounting, data integration, and logistics. As a leader in open source solutions for manufacturing, construction and utilities, engineering, the service sector and direct to consumer, the possibilities are endless.

Open Source Integrators

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Greg Mader, President

Develops enterprise-grade open source ERP solutions that can be easily integrated

Open Source Integrators