Linnovate: The Open Source Proponent

Elroi Marom, CEO
When Linnovate was founded in 2006, open source software’s popularity was limited to the software development community as enterprises remained aloof about its adoption. “We set out to break this barrier by providing enterprise-level open source technology,” says Elroi Marom, CEO, Linnovate. With a strong belief that open source development methodologies and best practices are more cutting edge than proprietary software, Marom has been leading the company to build enterprise-grade open source technologies and products with focus on quality, reliability, and security.

Having merged with a competitor back in 2012, Linnovate leverages its vast experience in web application development with expertise in Drupal, WordPress, MEAN, Elastic, Node, Angular, and React to bring innovative, customizable open source products for its customers. The company is also an active member of the international Drupal community with several contributions in the form of add-ons filling the gaps in the open source. It streamlines the development of enterprise grade websites, web apps, and APIs, with MEAN.IO—a JavaScript framework built by Linnovate that accelerates web application development. MEAN.IO simplifies the development lifecycle of modern websites and web applications by maintaining the different libraries that are involved in the development.

Linnovate augments the quality of the websites through its support services that include cloud-hosting where it runs its own private cloud to support the websites. Additionally, services such as disaster recover sites, video streaming services, server performance monitoring, security scanning, and offsite backup for application files and relevant databases further strengthen the performance of the website and the applications. The company’s QA testing services ensure client’s desktop and mobile applications are built to perfection. The company further strengthens its services with professional open source support to monitor the client’s web and application environment, responding to alerts instantly.

Besides, Linnovate’s services department comprises data extraction teams and Linux DevOps teams that help clients build better open source software. With such vigor, Linnovate plans to expand its teams across data extraction and DevOps, while speeding up the transformation of open source projects into enterprise products.

In this pursuit, Linnovate has built an innovative tool,, driven by automation to provide insights into the operations through a single pane of glass. provides monitoring and policy enforcements across popular open source deployments that help teams meet compliance and security requirements across the open source infrastructure

“ provides monitoring and policy enforcements across popular open source deployments that help teams meet compliance and security requirements across the open source infrastructure,” states Marom.

Linnovate has also introduced OpenIdeaL—a SaaS tool built on Drupal—through which organizations from government, enterprises, and defense can build on their innovation prowess by harnessing ideas in their workforce and business partners. By creating a collaborative environment, the tool empowers enterprises to bolster their innovation lifecycle by gaining ideas from employees, partners, and customers—from ideation through implementation.

Marom strongly believes that open source brings cutting edge technology to the doorsteps of startups and small and medium businesses. By exploring open source engines, Linnovate integrates its customized solutions into more complicated and long-term projects to transform them into enterprise products. Currently, Marom is excited about two projects that Linnovate is working on—HRM and Replay. “HRM is a next generation open source collaboration solution designed to help organizations track management workflow, events, and tasks delegation,” states Marom. Replay, on the other hand, is a Geo Video archive platform that enables users to search and play videos based on geographic information including the video projection.

As a proponent of open source, Linnovate partners with Microsoft to bring more open source awareness and build inventive solutions. Besides, spearheading the formation of the Israeli Drupal community, Linnovate has been actively playing vital role in solving the business and technology challenges faced by organizations of all sizes.


Bnei Brak, Israel

Elroi Marom, CEO

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