OrangeHRM: Open Source Software for Seamless Human Resource Management

Today, the rapidly transforming business landscape is impacting the process of managing an organization’s workforce. Adding real business value to an enterprise, the Human Resources (HR) department’s contribution cannot be ignored. Starting with maintaining an employee’s personal information, attendance, and time tracking to performance evolution, the functioning of HR is increasingly becoming frantic to cope up with the global war for talent. Hence, HR managers are looking for an effortless and time saving approach to summarize the data of the recruiting and talent management process. To address their needs, a Human Resource Management (HRM) solution provider, OrangeHRM has developed an open source application that is cost-effective and handy at the same time. “We have set up our application with an array of modules and algorithms to ease the workload of HR managers,” says Sujee Saparamadu, CEO of OrangeHRM.

Established in 2005, Secaucus, NJ based OrangeHRM is delivering a robust solution not only to global enterprises, but also to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This open source HR solution comes as a paid Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version, as well as a free source code version. Flexible and affordable, OrangeHRM solution is offered in three ways, OrangeHRM Open Source, OrangeHRM Professional, and OrangeHRM Enterprise. The free source code edition, OrangeHRM Open Source, provides an essential HRM platform with access to a broad community of users that can be used by organizations of any size. Further, OrangeHRM Professional is a powerful, multi-module HR solution for SMEs that offers comprehensive control over the entire HR environment. “This suite can handle numerous HR specific modules like dashboards, asset tracker, on-boarding and off-boarding, document management, disciplinary tracking, and even Orange app,” adds Saparamadu.

OrangeHRM also offers an enterprise version for centralized HR governance of large global enterprises. As an extended version of OrangeHRM Professional, OrangeHRM Enterprise is a robust and scalable system with configurable workflows, custom reports, advanced rule-based engines, and customer support. Along with the on-premise solution offerings, OrangeHRM can be deployed on the cloud with OrangeHRM Live. It is a secure SaaS, capable of delivering higher uptime and multi-tenant efficiency. “OrangeHRM Live is a one-stop application for hassle-free and cost effective HR processing,” explains Saparamadu.

Sujee Saparamadu, CEO
With an easy to use interface, OrangeHRM solution can be installed over a pre-existing LAMP stack, an open source web platform to run various websites and servers. “LAMP STACK makes OrangeHRM suitable for any organization to invest into hosting an open source HR application,” conveys Saparamadu. Over the decade, OrangeHRM has simplified the HR operations of numerous organizations globally. One of OrangeHRM’s customers, University of Belize, required a flexible, scalable, and cost effective solution to streamline their manual, labor intensive HR processes. Due to the legacy system that was being used, the university’s HR department had significant issues like human errors, physical data storage and retrieval, limited task automation, and poor reporting capabilities and decision support. But OrangeHRM’s personal information management, leave and recruiting management, and customized reporting capabilities, automated university’s entire HR process.

We have set up our application with an array of modules and algorithms to ease the workload of HR managers

OrangeHRM not only offers open source HR solutions, but also delivers programming, deployment, integration, and support expertise to organizations. The company recently released OrangeApp on Android and iOS platforms, and a web services API interface for developers to build integrations with the open source HR software. Moving forward, “we shall launch several additional modules like leave calculations in hours, custom report writer, and job and salary history to enhance our current offerings,” concludes Saparamadu.


Secaucus, NJ

Sujee Saparamadu, CEO

OrangeHRM offers open source HRM solution for small and medium enterprises.