Openbravo: An Agile Commerce Solution Powered by Open Source Technologies enabling Omni Channel Retail

Today’s retail transformation is led by the hyper connected multi-channel consumer, with mobile and cloud radically transforming business operations. The market demand is for business solutions that deliver a higher degree of agility, responsiveness, and usability. However, due to rigid legacy systems, organizations of any size are struggling to adapt, differentiate, and innovate to this reality. Shaped by its “Retail First” strategy, Openbravo helps midsized and large companies to achieve these goals with agile solutions powered by Open Source technologies. “As business challenges evolve, we remain loyal to our Open Source heritage,” says Marco de Vries, CEO, Openbravo.

The Openbravo Commerce Suite is a multichannel retail solution that allows to transform the physical store channel with a state-of-the-art web and mobile POS, integrates online operations and scales up to manage the entire business. For other industries, the Openbravo Business Suite provides a comprehensive horizontal ERP, CRM, and BI functionality. Built on top of a truly modular cloud-ready and mobile-enabled platform, both solutions are secure and highly scalable, very easy to adapt and extend and increases staff productivity with a personalized web user interface. Openbravo solutions are not designed on a one-size-fits-all approach. As such, they can be adopted either as an entire business management solution or as a specialized component to improve key business processes seamlessly integrated with existing legacy systems through its out-of-the-box web services layer and a number of available connectors.

Openbravo works with Decathlon, a French sports retailer with 900 stores in 22 countries. For expanding their presence in India, they wanted a flexible product which could adapt to India-specific requirements and integrate with the core SAP system in use across their worldwide operations. Decathlon deployed the Openbravo Commerce Suite to support their operations for all their stores in India that now feature very advanced pricing and promotion capabilities and have gained the capacity to deliver a superb in-store shopping experience. “In case of a queue building up at the cash counter, associates can use the mobile POS and directly engage with people. The personnel can also initiate upselling strategies and complete the billing process, resulting in more satisfied customers,” says de Vries.

In yet another instance, one of the largest U.S. software and technology firms in the world, with a billion dollar cloud subscription business, had challenges to manage their periodic billing cycles in client contract management.
Marco de Vries, CEO
“They preferred Openbravo for our subscription and contract management capabilities and our higher flexibility to customize with a scalable architecture to carry out thousands of contracts and millions of transactions every month. All delivered in less than five months,” says de Vries.

Openbravo is envisioning further changes in retail with the physical stores playing a key role.To accelerate the cloud adoption in brick and mortar chains, Openbravo is investing in a new lightweight component which will enable a pure cloud operation. In addition to a simplified store IT, it transparently provides complete operational coverage within the store, bringing in superior system capability to support very light operations of millions of transactions and SKUs.

In case of a queue building up at the cash counter, the store personnel can use the mobile POS and directly engage with people or just provide assisted sale everywhere in the store floor

Operating through a worldwide partner network, the firm’s faster project delivery time frames and competitive total cost of ownership backed with solid functional footprint in retail is its unique selling proposition. “Today, Open Source not only stands for free access to source code. It means openness in a wider sense—higher capacity to adapt and integrate in a faster and more secure way, key capabilities for continuous innovation in retail and a clear cloud enabler for all industries,” concludes de Vries.


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Marco de Vries, CEO

Provider of a state-of-the-art multichannel commerce solution for agile retailers.