OpenPro, Inc.,: Streamlining Business Process with Open Source Software

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market space is largely dominated by expensive commercial software, leaving small and mid-sized firms with limited options due to their tight budgets. However, a few open source ERP companies have given these firms new room for innovation with their cost effective and flexible software. With open source ERP solutions, enterprises can quickly download and install required applications from the web without any additional implementation cost. “As the open source landscape is constantly moving, reliability of every new change plays a critical role in keeping the business focused on being profitable,” expresses Jim Clark, CEO at OpenPro. “But sometimes, with the new updates and versions, enterprises are concerned about the robustness of open source software,” he adds. Fountain Valley, CA based OpenPro provides cloud based, licensed open source ERP software that goes through rigorous testing to ensure reliability.

“In the ERP market as an open source software provider, we were challenged to change users’ conventional thinking that open source software doesn’t have support from a professional organization,” shares Clark. Back in 2000, OpenPro released their first version of OpenPro ERP. The software was built on open source LAMP technology that includes Linux Apache PHP and MySQL database. “Our ERP solution can run on any type of system hardware and all operating systems like Linux, Windows, and IBM iSeries OS400,” illustrates Clark. OpenPro’s complete ERP software solution includes modules for finance, supply chain distribution, manufacturing, warehouse management, e-commerce, document imaging, and workflow management. Further, with the open database design, OpenPro runs on all SQL database engines. “Depending on the customer’s needs, our system can work with several databases like Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, and Postgres,” conveys Clark.

Based on business rules, OpenPro ERP can be customized as per customer requirements. The company continues to develop all their products and services to resolve customer issues. For instance, OpenPro’s paperless workflow can help enterprises automate, track and document their user task management. Recently, OpenPro launched version 8 of their ERP software that works on IBM Power 8 systems with TurboLinux. “This advanced version includes Business Intelligence, with over 600 graphical layouts to improve business decision making using big data statistics and analytics, a new menu system, built-in communications module, business workflow, and document imaging features,” shares Clark.
Jim Clark, CEO
With over two decades of expertise in the open source software space, OpenPro’s ERP software has been installed in over 600 locations across the world and spans most industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, import/export and retail Point of Sale (POS). One of OpenPro’s customers, an auto parts distributor, had reached a threshold where they could no longer process orders on time, leaving consumers dissatisfied. In order to solve this challenge, OpenPro installed an e-commerce shopping cart in the customer’s system so that people can directly order products online. The company also set up the auto parts distributor with OpenPro warehousing and portable barcode readers to track supply and relocation activities. Within a few months of support from OpenPro, the client expanded their business by four times and increased customer satisfaction with more accurate orders and quick, same-day order processing and turnaround.

Our ERP solution can run on any type of system hardware and all operating systems like Linux, Windows, and IBM iSeries OS400

OpenPro expands its product base by working with other open source and commercial products in the market. “We have interfaces to connect with e-commerce company osCommerce, CRM product provider SugarCRM, and also Salesforce,” says Clark. “OpenPro can be integrated with content managers like Drupal and Wordpress,” he adds. The company is further planning to provide its service in 9 different languages. “We are broadening our geographical reach to several countries including China where we are working on building a cloud based application for the government,” Clark concludes.

OpenPro, Inc.,

Fountain Valley, CA

Jim Clark, CEO

OpenPro offers licensed open sourced ERP software for small businesses to enterprise corporations.