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Rancher Launches Storage Servicers to Deliver Docker Orchestration for Users

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

CUPERTINO, CA: Rancher Labs, a company indulged in development of cloud software is expanding its services with Rancher, a private container service to support orchestrating Persistent Storage Service for Docker.  It’s a complete platform for running application on Docker to make storage deployment easier and efficient.

Rancher is an open source software enabling organizations to deploy private container service and deliver Docker orchestration to users. It gives authorized users complete control over the applications which are deployed and create resource pools from any host. Rancher provides a varied range of infrastructure services including networking, load balancing and storage to ensure the applications run uninterrupted in any environment.

“Deploying Dockerized applications that store persistent data required users to create a custom solution that integrated with storage platforms running outside of a Docker environment. Rancher is continuing to push the industry forward with this latest offering. Developers will now be able to outline the exact storage capabilities needed for each application, drastically simplifying the process,” says John Katsaros, principal analyst at FocusOnDocker.


With the help of Rancher, users can now deploy and configure storage services directly on container hosts with platforms like Gluster, Ceph and NexentaEdge. With persistent Storage service users can now gauge exact storage capabilities used by each application. Once the application is launched it manages both the application and storage services by monitoring hosts and disks. It also makes sure that the applications are available and running without any glitches at the time of crisis.

Additionally it can launch applications using Docker Compose with all the necessary storage services on any Virtual machine or bare metal server, running in any public cloud or private data center.