Quepid, Helps Experts Find Their Perfect Marketing and Business Match
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Quepid, Helps Experts Find Their Perfect Marketing and Business Match

By CIOReview | Saturday, November 14, 2015

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA: OpenSource Connections, builders of application development and data architecture based search engines, launches Quepid, a search relevancy dashboard for Solr and ElasticSearch.

OpenSource Connections build search engines with strong focus on application development and data architecture. Its Quepid, built on the idea of relevancy, revolutionizes the process of improving search. It allows teams to migrate from expensive search solutions. It provide feedback on quality of searches, visualize, measure impact and examine concurrently, the impact of solutions and tune search relevancy with its transparency and metrics.

"These capabilities enable search developers to experiment with the impact of changes across the search platform and instantly learn the success or failure of these tests," said Doug Turnbull, Search Relevance Practice Lead at OpenSource Connections.

Using Quepid, testers, marketing specialists and content experts can provide immediate feedback to developers, impacting their technical decisions. By actively participating in the search quality process, the feedback provided by these groups produces quicker iterations and richer results.