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Inocybe Technologies Announces Vendor lock-in free OpenDaylight Distribution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Inocybe Technologies, a network virtualization solutions provider, announces the latest OpenDaylight distributions with its Lithium-based release. Inocybe enables vendors, partners and end-users to build their OpenDaylight commercially supported distributions to resolve networking challenges. This approach will help users to leverage OpenDaylight project while providing managed database distribution focused on usage, documentation and customization, reports PRWeb.

OpenDaylight is an open source platform for building programmable, software-defined networks andInocybe focuses on supporting openDaylight’s ecosystem.

The latest no vendor lock-in distribution enables user to choose another vendor without switching costs. The release comprises a host of features including automatic updates that provides downloadable images at every OpenDaylight release, availability of tested binaries for commercial subscribers and customized OpenDaylight Helium release that offers a choice for users to turn on or restrict features as required without additional downloads or package modification.

“We’ve learned a lot since the last release, our customers have been using OpenDaylight in ways we couldn’t have possibly imagined, we saw a clear customer need to allow users to build from a solid set of binaries and customize it to their needs,” says Mathieu Lemay, President and CEO, Inocybe Technologies. “In Lithium, we focused on external tools, like the OpenDaylight Explorer, or our managed OpenDaylight offering which allows people to create a supported distribution specific to their needs.”